Illamasqua hits Adelaide

As a MyerOne card holder I receive regular brochures from Myer in the mail.  Thinking nothing of all the wonderful inclusions of some highly sought after makeup brands in the last catalogue, I never got around to using the vouchers provided or discovering that the cosmetics department in the Myer Centre in Rundle Mall was getting a facelift!

Hearing from a fellow makeup artist that UK makeup brand Illamasqua had landed in South Autralia for the first time I revelled in delight that my next visit to the CBD was only days away and that I could FINALLY see what the fuss was about!

Big surprise when I stroll into the Myer Centre!  My eyes glow, I’m dazzled, as if Dazzleland has returned!  The whole cosmetics department has been revamped and even if makeup was a blip on my radar (which it so isn’t!) the sight of it would probably have caused a bank account clearout and a new obsession, that’s for sure.  I wish someone had taken a photo of the moment I saw the place.


The always bustling MAC counter was, well, bustling!   Some new vibrant and colourful panelling adorns the back walls of the hugely popular brand which is a nice injection in the usually monochrome setting.  As I slowly enter the area, I quickly glimpse at Mecca Cosmetica, “Yes!” I exclaim in my head, “I’ll be back for some Nars!”.  Then my eyes are instantly drawn to the big, beautiful and very pink Benefit Brow Bar.  Adelaide has a Brow Bar!  Benefit, Mecca, MAC….focus on the purpose of the visit!  Illamasqua!

Right at the end of the counters, there it is!  And it’s bustling just like the MAC and Benefit counters.  Purple, green and orange lipsticks give cult brand Lime Crime a run for their money at Illamasqua, so many daring but perfectly acceptable lip colours to try!  It’s the first thing I grab and instantly swatch onto my hand.  I know what the colour is, I just like putting samples of any makeup on my hands.

I’m almost immediately accosted by one of the gorgeous makeup artists and given a quick profile on the brand.  I whip out my one known fact which is that very recently Illamasqua grew tired of the disparity in the price of makeup between countries and stuck it to the man by levelling their prices across the world meaning their lush cosmetics are extremely affordable in Australia.  And everywhere else for that matter.  I am then left alone to play.  And that I do.

Delicately swatching nearly every product I keep a mental wishlist which by the end was difficult to recall as every item I tried was just as exciting as the last.  Eyebrow cakes are soft and beautifully pigmented, as were the eyeshadows.  I swatch a couple of the Cream Pigments, just stunning but I so conservatively file them onto the mental “For another time” list.  The lipgloss carousel is as vibrant as the lipstick stand; lime green, lilac, searing red hot red, which I put on my “Must have” list.  I don’t even try it on, red lips and I are best friends.  Now to lipsticks, after filling the back of my hand a second time with the entire range I finally decide on Shard, a matte muted magenta you would probably see in the 90s.  I spy a customer who has just had her makeup applied and she is wearing ESP on her lips, another matte lipstick in a glorious futuristic purple.  Sold.



A purple lip using ESP




I would say this is a small haul…


At the very last minute of my visit I bring up brushes and learn that the brand is also cruelty free, all their brush hairs synthetic.  Beautiful.

Over the last couple of weeks I have trawled my way across my haul…

First up, the lipsticks.  Both are matte and I mean MATTE.  Maybe even too matte where it’s difficult to build up a decent coverage.  Both lipsticks are a gorgeous colour but definitely need the assistance of a liner to amp the colour if you’re looking to just slick the colour on right from the tube.  I would also recommend applying with a brush and just working with the product.  Practise will make perfect!  The lipliner I chose is called Media, a cute floral popping pink perfect for a bride then finished with a gloss.  The liners, I dig.  Not hard or too waxy, they transfer perfectly and wear well without being too dry.  My favourite product of the spree was the Intense Lipgloss in a shimmery must-have red called Touch.  It’s a gloss and it’s highly pigmented so there it no way you could a) wear this without a liner and b) wear this as an all over gloss even with a liner.  It’s gonna bleed to all heck!  I would say it’s idea for perhaps a photoshoot that’s going to be over quicksmart or as a centre of a red lip highlight.  If that’s how I have to wear it that’s how I’ll wear it, it’s amazing and I want to eat it!



Onto the face, I picked up the white foundation which I used very recently on a shoot, the details of which will be posted here soon, so stay tuned!

We’re you as excited about Illamasqua hitting Adelaide in the Myer Centre?  Have you tried Illamasqua’s range?  What are your faves and what can you recommend?

What about the Myer Centre cosmetics department revamp, have you had the chance to check it out?





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