Lalka’s Face is freelance makeup artist Monika Portella.  Studying at Paint Makeup School in Adelaide was just the beginning and a host of projects, collaborations and bridal parties ensued not long after.  From working behind the scenes at Adelaide’s Fashion Avenue in 2012 to facepainting and SFX work at 2013’s Adelaide Zombie Walk, it’s been a time of new and challenging experiences for this makeup artist who can turn you into the walking dead but can just as easily set  a bride’s worries at rest by taking care of making her and her bridal party up for her special day.

Photography | Gpix Photography

Photography | Gpix Photography


“I’m constantly in awe of the faces I encounter in my work.  There is always a facet I admire and secretly wish I possessed, be it beautifully spread lashes, killer brows, a perfect cupid’s bow or simply a cute button nose!  It keeps me interested, challenged and eager to create a beautiful makeup for a bridal party, event attendant or model.”



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